Global Services has launched a new branding campaign that includes a new website and corporate logo. Global Services –Your Team for Winning Federal Contracts went live on May 10,2005. Much of the reasoning behind the company’s new branding was first and foremost to re-establish the organization as a new corporate entity that is separate from the old Global Services, Inc. that ended in December 2004. The new branding campaign also allows our company to reiterate our  corporate commitment to work collaboratively with our clients to create customized business development solutions that match your specific federal goals and capabilities. Check out our new website at

.GLOBAL SERVICES Team Engage in GSA’s VETS And Alliant GWACS
Global Services is leveraging its GSA proposal writing skills and in depth knowledge of the GSA government-wide acquisition contracts (GWAC) program to assist our clients in preparing submissions for the current VETS GWAC and the upcoming Alliant GWACs. VETS is a GSA sponsored contract that will award multiple service-disabled veteran owned companies with a 5-year, $5B IDIQ contract in the specialized  areas of information technology services.
Alliant will be a similar 5 year, $50B IDIQ contract with multiple awards to both large and small businesses. GSA has established two separate contracts for large and small businesses and expects about 20 awards to be made by the end of 2005. Currently, GSA is anticipating that both Alliant RFPs will be released in July 2005. For more information contact Global Services ( ) or visit the GSA  website at
GSA IT Schedule 70 Has a New SIN Category
On May 13, 2005, GSA’s Federal Supply Service announced the establishment of a new Special Item Number (SIN) under Federal Supply Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70. SIN 132-60, Authentication Products and Services (FPDS D399) consists of hardware, software components and supporting services that allow ordering entities a means to ensure the identity of individuals/entities that access systems/facilities or conduct electronic transactions with the Federal government. This SIN will include, but is not limited to digital
certificates. The addition of SIN 132-60 was included in Refresh #15 of GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule 70 General Purpose Commercial IT Equipment, Software and Services, Solicitation FCIS-JB-980001B. A copy of the refresh solicitation can be found at the following:
GSA Reorganizes and Creates Federal Acquition Service
On June 2, 2005, GSA released its draft reorganization plan that will create the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS). FAS will replace the Federal Technology Service (FTS) and the Federal Supply Service (FSS), whose activities will be combined to form the new entity. GSA indicates that the new FAS will make agency more efficient and more customer-focused. In a memo to associates, GSA Administrator  Stephen A. Perry highlighted the following changes:
  • Customer Relationship Management: will play a strong role in the new Service, helping FAS better understand customer requirements and become a strategic partner in helping to meet them.
  • Acquisition Management: will ensure that FAS activities are fully compliant with laws, regulations and policies, and that operating practices are consistent across business lines and Regions.
  • Integrated Technology Services: combines the information technology, professional services and telecommunications business lines.
  • General Supplies and Services: groups GSA business lines that acquire a broad range of commercial products, as well as some closely-related services and GSA specialized logistics-based activities.
  • Travel & Personal Property Disposal Services: The business lines in this portfolio will operate with their own respective supplier industries, but share commonalities that provide opportunities for synergy and scale.

A complete copy of the reorganization plan and the press release from GSA can be found at the following web address: