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Unlock the full potential of your contracting team with Global Services’ tailored training programs. With over 25 years of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, delivering expert one-on-one or team training for General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules and proposal development. Our extensive program covers a wide range of topics, from federal contracting procedures to legal issues and more. Say goodbye to travel expenses – we offer in-person training on-site or virtually through engaging webinars. Let us help you achieve your goals and keep winning contracts with confidence.

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Get your team ahead of the competition with our custom training programs!

Discover Your Team’s Full Potential with Our Training Resources

Knowledge is power. We have the necessary resources to skyrocket your team’s learning and growth. From e-books, videos, and tutorials to webinars and interactive workshops, our training resources are designed to enhance your team’s skills and knowledge of federal contracting and proposal development. Whether you’re looking to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends or want to deepen your understanding of key concepts, we’ve got you covered. Take control of your team’s professional development and give them the tools they need to succeed in the federal contracting marketplace.

Stay Ahead of the Game with Our Upcoming Training Events

Stay ahead of the curve with our upcoming training events! Whether you’re looking to brush up on General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule compliance, make the most of your Schedule, or get up to speed on the latest industry trends, our expert trainers have you covered. Attend one of our in-person or virtual events and learn from the best in the business. Our schedule of events is designed to give you the most comprehensive and relevant training available. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to boost your skills and achieve greater success!

Our most popular upcoming training events include:

GSA Schedule Post-Award Training Seminar: Staying Compliant and Making Your Schedule Work