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Getting Started with GSA Schedules: Your Guide to Success

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Schedules Explained

The GSA Schedule program simplifies the procurement process for government agencies by providing pre-approved suppliers and pre-negotiated prices for a wide range of goods and services. This contract vehicle, awarded by the GSA, enables federal agencies to easily place orders with pre-vetted and pre-competed contractors, ensuring that the prices offered are fair and reasonable.


Who needs a GSA Schedule?
A GSA Schedule is a contract vehicle that can be used by all federal agencies to order goods and services. While it’s not mandatory to have a GSA Schedule to work with the federal government, many federal customers ask that contractors obtain one for ease of use and because their competitors are likely already on schedule.
How long does it take to get a GSA Schedule?
The time it takes to get a GSA Schedule can vary depending on the complexity and size of your offering, as well as the workload of the Acquisition Center and Contracting Officer assigned to review your offer. GSA states that the award process may take up to 12 months, but it is typically 4-6 months once the offer is submitted.
Why should I get a GSA Schedule?
Obtaining a GSA Schedule can be beneficial for both the contractor and the customer. The government benefits from access to state-of-the-art commercial products and services, while contractors benefit from limited competition and priority sourcing under FAR Part 8. Additionally, GSA task orders can be issued in as little as 15 days, as compared to 210 days for a full and open procurement.
What is the process to get a GSA Schedule contract?

To get a GSA Schedule contract, you must first determine your eligibility to prime a GSA Schedule. This includes having 2 years in business (for non-IT solutions), stable financials, and past performance (if offering services). Next, you’ll need to collect and complete documentation about your company’s finances, experience, products and services, and commercial sales practices. You will then submit your offer using eOffer, and work with your assigned reviewer to provide additional clarification, as needed, and negotiate your final award.