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As one the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world, the US Government can be a major force in the marketplace for “green” products and services. The purchasing power of the Government gives it enormous influence in the kinds of green products, services and initiatives that will succeed in the overall marketplace of ideas. As Government agencies experiment with green programs, they will spend money on ideas that will eventually grow and move throughout the public and private sector. Government Executive magazine recently published an article about a federal conference where federal administrators discussed trends in “Green Government.” The article highlighted several green initiatives being conducted by the Government, including, but not limited to: • A composting project sponsored by the Public Building Service (PBS) at the cafeteria of its San Francisco, CA-based office building • Regulations regarding printing and recycling aimed at reducing waste • EPA programs targeting employee travel as an area of savings and reducing an agency’s carbon footprint by implementing more use of videoconferencing and webcasting • Federal purchasing of green cleaning products in an effort to reduce toxic chemicals in the buildings environments • White House efforts through executive orders aimed at building and vehicle fleets to implement stronger goals on conserving energy and water. These green purchasing decisions will have an impact on the overall marketplace. In addition, given this priority, it provides a new reason for companies offering green products and services to approach the federal marketplace. To check out the Government Executive article click here Our Expert’s Advice to GSA

Global Services President, Courtney Fairchild, was recently interviewed by Washington Technology magazine about the incoming GSA Administrator, Martha Johnson, and on what Ms. Johnson will need to focus as she assumes the leadership of the agency.

Courtney offered the following points (quoted from the May 7, 2009 article): The top priority for her will have to be the distribution, oversight

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and reporting of the $5.5 billion in stimulus funds received by GSA’s Public Building Service through the recovery act. There is a lot of public interest to make sure the taxpayer’s money is spent wisely. Attention is going to need to be paid and decisions will need to be made regarding the recommendations from the Multiple Award Schedules Advisory Panel. This panel has spent a lot of time and effort to make suggestions on how the MAS program can move forward. Given the past problems with GSA procurement programs like Alliant and Alliant Small Business, Johnson must ensure that the agency cleans up how these procurements are run from a legal and process perspective. This is also important to the image and vitality of GSA as it needs to be considered the “go-to” procurement force for the rest of the government. A short term priority will be hiring and training qualified 1102 procurement staff. GSA has been doing more with less for some time and the workload is only increasing. In the long term, like every other agency, it is important to ascertain how to retain this qualified staff. Success depends on the quality of their workforce. For more information click here to see the entire Washington Technology article.


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