What Does OASIS Mean for the Future of the GSA?

Federal Times has an article up discussing how the OASIS contract may be signaling a new era of reinvention for the GSA. This new contract will be a part of the agency’s current effort change the way it handles its contracts. It also shows a drive at the GSA to work more fluidly in a digital world, which includes new websites, social media, and blogging. Read more about how OASIS is helping change the GSA here or check out a couple excerpts below:

“GSA plans to create on- and off-ramps to allow companies to leave the contract and make room for new companies, according to OASIS program executive officer Jim Ghiloni. GSA is also providing training to agencies and contracting professionals across government in order to answer questions and make the contract easier to use and understand.”

“The new GSA system will create five acquisition areas for agencies, and eventually GSA will set up an interactive website to provide agencies with the tools and expertise to choose the services and contracts they want. And OASIS is integral to that process. But it all began with OASIS, Ghiloni said.

“OASIS is one of the foundations along with our professional services schedules and potentially other vehicles to come to really make sure that we are meeting customer demand for good vehicles to get their solutions,” he said.

The OASIS contract is also a major attempt by the agency to build a community through blogging and social media tools. The online community at interact.gsa.gov already has more than 8,400 members and is regularly updated with information on meetings, new blog posts and important dates.

The agency also reached out to companies and industry groups many times over the two-year award process, to gather feedback and incorporate industry input into the awards process, according to GSA.

And even after GSA awarded the OASIS contract the agency is continuing to work with its contractors and agency customers to make the contract stronger, Ghiloni said.”

This new era at the GSA will certainly change the way it works with companies on their contracts. We here at Global Services are excited to see where the agency goes from here.