Sales Reporting for Expired-Cancelled Contracts

Supervisory Contracting Officer Kimberly McFall with the GSA PSS Migration team recently sent out a notice on 72a reporting for expired/cancelled contracts. For those of you who migrated your existing services schedules to the Professional Services Schedule, you will need to be mindful that you are still required to report sales on those schedules still active and that there are different procedures for reporting those sales:

If you have contracts that expired or were cancelled due to a PSS Migration and there are still active task orders, you must continue to report sales after the expiration/cancellation occurs under the contract the task order was awarded.  Additionally, it is important to remember that after expiration/cancellation of the affected contract, GSA no longer sends sales reporting reminders, so be sure to mark your calendar.

The sales will be required to be reported using a different process in the 72A system.  Guidance pertaining to the reporting requirements can be founded under the Closeout Sales Reporting Instructions.  Remember, the contract number used in the 72A system should always follow the contract number that is on the Task Order Award docs (if the task order was off the old contract (or a BPA attached to an old contract), report the sales and pay IFF on the old contract, but if it is a new task order off of the new contract (or BPA off of the new contract), then report/pay likewise.

If there are any questions please email

Of course, you also welcome to contact Global Services with any reporting questions you may have on your migrated schedule contracts!