Options for GSA Orders After Final Contract Expiration

There is some good news for contractors that are in their last five year period of their 20 year GSA Schedule contract. Ordering agencies can now exercise options for existing orders after the final expiration of their GSA Schedule contract.

GSA recently modified several of the Schedule contracts to include the FAR clause 52.216-22 INDEFINITE QUANTITY (OCT 1995). This clause specifies that if an order is placed before the GSA contract expiration, not only can the contractor finish work on the current option period but the ordering agency has the ability to exercise the additional options that were set forth in the original order as well.

Be sure to review at the terms and conditions of the current solicitation for your particular GSA Schedule to be sure that this clause has been incorporated into your contract prior to accepting an option order. Also, be aware that this clause does not extend the life of a BPA unless an order has already been placed and the options clearly defined.

Of course the most proactive course of action is to pursue a new or “dual” GSA Schedule contract. Holding a concurrent schedule will ensure that you don’t have any issues in your last five year term and that you can continue to be awarded new orders. GSA will allow a dual submission to be submitted any time after you enter your 14th year of your current GSA Schedule contract. If you have questions about the process or would like help with your new submission, please contact us at 202-234-8933 or global@globalservicesinc.com.