GSA Breaks Up Human Resources SIN 595-21

GSA has announced a significant overhaul to the Human Resources SIN 595-21 under Schedule 738x. GSA is still in the process of making these changes; as such, the information provided here should be considered preliminary. Global Services is tracking the changes and will provide revised information as it becomes available.

Previously, SIN 595-21 encompassed a wide range of HR-related tasks, which were essentially awarded separately. For example, a contractor could be authorized to sell Recruitment and Internal Placement support, but not Training—even though the two services fell under the same SIN.

GSA’s overhaul aims to correct this issue by splitting SIN 595-21 into eleven separate SINs.

Contractors are required to review the new SINs to determine which one(s) apply to their services already on Schedule, and to provide this information to GSA. GSA will then migrate contractors’ offerings to the appropriate SINs via a Unilateral Administrative eMOD.

If a contractor wishes to add services not already on their Schedule contract, this should be done at a later date (after the initial SIN migration is complete) using the standard eMOD process.

Based on GSA’s Draft Vendor Debriefing, here’s how the SIN migration will work:

Remember, however, that the above chart is based on a draft document, so these divisions are subject to change pending the release of the new Solicitation Refresh, now estimated to be released in late January or early February 2017.

Questions about making the SIN migration? Unsure which SINs best fit your needs? Contact Global Services today!