How to Update Address Listing for GSA Schedule Holders

By Global Services on February 19, 2021

Has your company recently given up office space or changed addresses as a result of COVID-19? If so, now is a perfect time to confirm that your new company address has been updated across all GSA platforms. Follow the steps below to ensure that your address is updated everywhere it needs to be.

Updating your address as a GSA Schedule holder isn’t quite as simple as it sounds—there are several places you’ll need to make the changes:

  1. Dun & Bradstreet (to change the address associated with your DUNS number)
  2. Your “Physical Address” in
  3. Your “Mailing Address” in (this is treated separately from the physical address)
  4. eMOD (to submit an administrative modification request to modify your GSA Schedule contract to show the new address)
  5. In an email to your GSA Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) to alert them of the change
  6. Your GSA Advantage! PO Portal
  7. Your GSA Pricelist (update your local copy then upload to GSA Advantage!)
  8. Your GSA Vendor Support Center (VSC) profile.

GSA provides a detailed walkthrough of how to make all the above address changes here.

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