Refresh #9 Will Bring Slight Changes to GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule

By Global Services on December 7, 2021


As contractors continue to accept Refresh #8’s mass modification, Refresh #9 is lurking just around the corner. On Monday, November 30, 2021, GSA’s team hosted a webinar to share the planned solicitation changes with industry partners. Below, we outline the main takeaways for current and prospective MAS contractors.


Administrative Changes


  • The following SCP-FSS-001 paragraphs will be updated:
    • (j)(3)(ii) section C to clarify rules for identical items under services or Labor Categories (LCs).
      • “Identical items (products, services, or labor categories) with the same terms and conditions may be awarded under different SINs if the prices are the same and the proposed items are within the scope of each SIN. Identical items with the same terms and conditions cannot be awarded on the contract at different price points.”
    • (j)(1)(i)(ii) will phase out Vendor Education Center (VEC).
      • All mentions of the VEC site will be removed from the solicitation. Trainings such as the Pathways to Success and Readiness Assessment will be completed on a new, streamlined site for contractors, GSA MAS Roadmap (coming soon).


Price Proposal Changes


In the solicitation package, the following changes will be made to the Offer and Modifications Product, Offer and Modification Services, Special Item Number (SIN) 541930 and SIN 611630 Price Proposals Templates:


  • Updated formulas to round prices to two (2) decimal places.
  • Revised formatting and instructions to improve accessibility.
  • Aligned content for consistency across templates.


Large Category Updates


For the purpose of clarity and fine-tuning, the following updates will be made to specific SINs across the MAS Large Categories:


  • Office Management
    • SIN 541611LIT Litigation Support Services –SIN title will be updated to clarify that the SIN includes both support products and services.
    • SIN 333318SBSA Office Security Equipment and IT Products – Corrected SBSA designation to make it clear this SIN is a small business set-aside only.


  • Furniture and Furnishings
    • SIN 339920S Sporting Goods Equipment and Supplies – the SIN title will be updated to Sporting Goods, Fitness Equipment, and Supplies to clarify the inclusion of fitness equipment.
    • SIN 713940 Fitness Center Management Services –description will be updated to clarify SIN scope is limited to services only.
  • IT
    • SIN 518210C
      • Change the SIN title from Cloud and Cloud Related IT Professional Services to Cloud Computing and Cloud Related IT Professional Services.
      • Clarify SIN invoicing requirements for Cloud Computing Services and Cloud Related IT Professional Services to ensure all offerings are billed in accordance with 31 U.S.C. 3324.
      • Revise the SIN instructions to clarify that cloud token, gift card, credit, and similar prepaid offerings are out of scope.
      • SIN description will be revised to add more clarity between Cloud Computing and Cloud Related IT professional Services.


GSA is planning to release Refresh #9 on Friday, December 17, 2021. All existing contractors are advised to be on the lookout for mass modification #9, which must be accepted within 90 days. For more information on these changes, please review GSA’s Significant Changes document here.


If your team needs assistance keeping your MAS Schedule current, please reach out to our experts for guidance.