Which GSA Services Schedule is Right For You?

When looking at the GSA Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) Program perhaps the most important question for service providers is “Which GSA Schedule is the best fit for us?” The GSA MAS program encompasses over forty different GSA Schedules associated with different services and products. Of the forty three total GSA Schedules over twenty are specifically services work. So how do you go about finding the proper GSA Schedule to pursue? Here are five tips for finding the right fit for your company:

  1. Research on e-Library. It is important not to waste time going down the road of rejection with the wrong GSA Schedule proposal. If you are unsure as to what kind of GSA Schedules are out there, then the first place to look is the Schedules e-Library. Here you can search each of the GSA Schedules by keyword, schedule number or Special Item Number (SIN). This will allow you to get a handle on the types
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    of Schedules that may be a match for the types of products/services you are providing. Additionally, if you are curious as to which GSA Schedules your competitors hold, you are able to search by contractor name to find out where your competitors perceive their services to belong and to verify their GSA Schedule rates. Click here to see the Schedules e-Library.

  2. Research past GSA sales. Understanding what kind of dollars are flowing through the GSA Services Schedules and to whom can be an important factor in determining the right GSA Schedule for you in terms of marketing opportunities. GSA provides the Schedules Sales Query to help with this quest. Their site provides you the opportunity to research a variety of sales questions, such as, how much is spent on an individual Schedules on an annual basis or even the total sales by contractor for any of your competitors you wish to view. Click here to go to the Schedules Sales Query.
  3. Talk to your current customers. Speak with your client’s program managers and contracting officers to find out what GSA Schedule vehicles they plan to use for upcoming procurements. Is there a particular Schedule they will be using as opposed to another? To avoid protests, be certain that an ordering agency has an understanding of the program and is staying within the scope of work for ordering from a particular schedule.
  4. Assess your ability to prime. Once you have downloaded the 200+-page solicitation for the GSA Services Schedule you have chosen, you must ensure your company has the ability to prime the solicitation. Recently GSA has made some significant changes to many of the services solicitations. Several of these changes have added additional technical and pricing requirements or stated periods of time in which you must be in business in order to be compliant with the solicitation. It is essential that you review the entire solicitation and requirements to ensure that you meet all criteria.
  5. Write the proposal specific to the SOW and SINs contained in that proposal. When writing your technical proposal for a GSA Schedule watch out for any description of services that might be contained in another GSA Services Schedule. One of the fastest and easiest ways to get rejected is for having a technical proposal that is determined to be out of the scope of work for that particular GSA Schedule proposal.

If you are having problems determining which schedule is the best fit for you, or you would like assistance in creating and negotiating your GSA Schedule Proposal, please contact Global Services at 202-234-8933 for assistance. We have provided support in over 500 GSA Schedule contracts over the past decade and would love to be of assistance to you.