GSA Schedule Compliance Resolutions

The end of the year is a great time to look back and reflect.  Often that reflection will cause us to want to make changes to help correct any bad habits or less than desirable outcomes, both personally and professionally.  The same should apply to your GSA Schedule.  Remaining a compliant contractor can sometimes be a challenge, but it’s never too late to start fresh.

Take stock of where you are now:

  • Is all of my online contact information up to date on the eLibrary?
  • Is my SAM record up to date?
  • Did I complete my VETS4212 report this year?
  • Am I compliant with E-Verify?
  • Is my posted price list current?
  • Do I have the right points of contact on my contract and in eMod?
  • Do I have any outstanding Mass Modifications that need to be addressed?
  • Am I familiar with my Basis of Award Customer?
  • What system do I have in place to monitor my GSA discount relationship? Is it enough?
  • Are my GSA sales being properly tracked and reported?
  • Am I reporting my sales and remitting my IFF on time?
  • Have my sales practices changed over the past year?
  • Am I invoicing properly with prompt payment discounts and open market items?
  • Are there items I want to add to my contract?
  • Are there items I need to delete from my contract?
  • Can I increase my pricing?
  • Should we explore going after another GSA schedule?

Now think about the future.  Think about how the answers to these questions will affect you should you be visited by GSA, need to apply for your contract extension or are even audited next year.  Keep in mind that GSA CAV audits will now be done on an annual basis.  Will you be ready?  Now is the time to make that compliance resolution.

Whether looking back or looking forward Global Services is here to help!  Contact Global Services at 202-234-8933 for assistance with any of the above or with any compliance issue you might need addressed.  We have provided support for over 2000 GSA Schedule contracts over the past eighteen years and would love to help you make the coming year a complaint one.