SIN Consolidation in the Works for GSA Schedule 84 – Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facility Management Systems, Fire, Rescue, Special Purpose Clothing, Marine Craft, and Emergency/Disaster Response

Companies who have or are applying for a GSA Schedule 84 should be aware that GSA is in the process of consolidating the Schedule’s Special Item Numbers (SINs). For Schedule holders offering items under the affected SINs, this means a contract modification will be required; for those applying to get on Schedule, it means potential changes to the application.

Schedule 84 – which covers everything from fire alarms to outboard motors to canine body armor – currently has a high number of duplicative SINs. For example, under the current system, a company that sells boats may need three separate SINs: one for powered boats, one for non-powered boats, and one for inflatable boats (either powered or non-powered).

According to GSA’s announcement of the consolidation, the existence of so many different SINs for similar items has a negative impact on both vendors and customers. For vendors, the duplicative SINs mean that companies have to administer contracts covering multiple SINs with the same purpose, creating an unnecessary burden. For Government customers, the duplications make it difficult to determine which SINs to use when placing an order.

As an example of what the consolidation will look like, consider these seven SINs in the 633- series:

  1. 633-1: Gloves – Industrial, Work and Cold Weather Gloves
  2. 633-4: Protective Worksuits, Waterproof, Chemical and Electrical Safety. Jackets, Coats and Hoods
  3. 633-6: Protective Worksuits, Waterproof, Chemical and Electrical Safety.
  4. 633-6A: Emergency Response/Hazmat Clothing and Related Products
  5. 633-22: Extreme Cold Weather Clothing. Coats, Jackets, Vests, Hoods and Hats
  6. 633-23: Extreme Cold Weather Clothing. Overalls, Coveralls, Pants, Insulated
  7. 633-48: High Visibility, Reflective Safety Products

All of these items fall under the same NAICS code, and their purposes are very similar. It makes little sense, for instance, to require separate SINs for cold weather vests versus cold weather overalls. As a result, GSA will combine all of these SINs into one:

  1. 633-1: Protective Apparel including: Worksuits, Waterproof, Chemical and Electrical Safety: Jackets, Coats and Hoods, Gloves, Rainwear, Reflective Clothing, Cold Weather Clothing, Concealment, Camouflage, and Hazardous Material Clothing.

There are currently 108 SINs under Schedule 84. Under GSA’s new plan, that number will be reduced to 61. GSA has not yet given a specific timeline for the consolidation, but has suggested it will be completed in the coming weeks.

GSA recommends that contractors currently on schedule communicate with their Contracting Officer to determine next steps (e.g., whether the Government or the contractor should initiate the contract modification, which will vary on a case-by-case basis).

If you would like further guidance on what the consolidation means for your firm, contact Global Services today!