GSA Streamlines Schedules Clauses, Another Step Toward Consolidation

By Global Services on Friday, June 7, 2019

GSA’s blog reports finalizing a new rule that “radically streamlines the GSA Schedules Program clauses and provisions.” As GSA’s post explains, these changes include:

  • 85 obsolete/duplicative clauses and provisions are deleted (see GSA Order ADP 2800.12B Change 100).
  • 30 “new” clauses and provisions are incorporated into the General Services Acquisition Regulation (GSAR.) These were previously “internal to FAS”/Schedules-specific clauses and provisions that start with CP, G-FSS, H-FSS, and I-FSS.
  • 4 GSA Schedules Program clauses and provisions (that were previously removed from the GSAR as part of a prior GSAM rewrite) are now incorporated into the GSAR, and 10 existing GSA Schedules Program clauses and provisions are updated to reflect current references and practices.

A detailed breakdown of the changes, including Line-In/Line-Out markup of the affected clauses, is available here.

These changes are important from an administrative perspective and have an impact on GSA’s Contracting Officers (COs).

For contractors, these changes will have no noticeable effect on GSA Schedule offers or on the day to day management of your existing GSA Schedules.

Nonetheless, these changes represent yet another major step toward consolidation of the separate GSA into a single, overarching GSA Schedule for all products and services.

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