Final Deadline for GSA Catalog and Price List Updates Approaching

By Global Services on February 26, 2021

As you may recall, GSA released Mass Modification A812 to all Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) holders between January 31, 2020 and February 11, 2020, updating all contracts to conform with the Consolidated MAS terms and services.

Now, the final deadline is approaching for Contractors to update their Schedules Input Program (SIP) or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) catalog catalog for GSA Advantage! and their Price List to the consolidated SINs. Contractors who fail to complete these important steps by March 31, 2021 will have their offerings removed from GSA eTools.

We have compiled a list of important steps for contractors must take in order to be fully compliant with Mass Mod A812.


Steps to Update Catalog on SIP:

Step 1: Confirm your contract data on eLibrary. Within 48 hours of accepting the Mass Mod, all contractors should’ve seen their GSA eLibrary offerings (Schedule and SINs) reflect the new Consolidated MAS offerings.

Step 2: Open SIP and upgrade to version 8.5. Contractors can click on Help and select Check for SIP Upgrade to confirm.

Step 3: Use the Merge Schedules function. In order to display your Consolidated MAS Schedule on SIP, contractors must first select their legacy Contract Number in the Primary Contract Information window, then Tools, then select Migrate to MAS and follow the confirmation prompts.

Step 4: Make sure your Maximum Order Level (MOL) is correct. Click on the SIN/MOL button on the tool bar and verify the maximum order per Special Item Number (SIN) is accurate. If the information is inaccurate, select the SIN – click Edit – select the correct figure in the Maximum order drop-down box – and click Save.

Step 5: Upload your catalog. On the toolbar, select Communications and then Create a Replacement File.

*Please note: contractors should not delay their catalog updates, as the Contracting Officer will also need time to approve them.

You can find the full instructions from GSA here. If you are having trouble updating your catalog, reach out to the experts at


Steps to Update Price List:

Cover Page Updates

Step 1: Make sure you are using the most current version of your Price List.

Step 2: Make sure the Schedule Title is updated to Multiple Award Schedule.

Step 3: Make sure the FSC Group/Part/Section/Standard Industrial Group is updated with the MAS Large Categories.

Step 4: Make sure Federal Supply Classification (FSC) Class(es)/Product codes/Service Codes are updated with Product Services Codes (PSCs) associated with the new SINs.

Step 5: Confirm your address listed matches your System for Award Management (SAM) record and your listed Contract Administrator is an Authorized Negotiator. Update accordingly.

Customer Information Updates

Step 1: Update 1a. (table of special item numbers) to new SINs.

Step 2: Update 1b. (identification of lowest priced model number/unit price) to new SINs.

Step 3: Update 2. (Maximum order) to applicable figure for each new SIN.

*Make sure to eliminate all mentions of legacy Schedules and SINs from your price list.

You can find the full instructions from GSA here.


If you need assistance staying compliant with Mass Mod A812 or adding more offerings to your Schedule, please reach out to our MAS experts at today!