GSA Updates: What Current and Prospective Contractors Should Know

By Global Services on May 09, 2022


UEI is the New DUNS

On April 4, 2022, the federal government cut out the middleman and officially retired the Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number. In its place, all business entities will now have a Unique Entity ID (UEI), generated by This identifier will be used in all of the Integrated Award Environment (IAE) systems like eSRS, FSRS, FPDS, FAPIIS, and CPARS. Note to contractors: if registered on, you will automatically be assigned a UEI. Registration Renewal Extension

Due to the inaccessibility of during the DUNS to UEI transition, GSA considered that contractors may need more time to renew their entity registrations. On May 3, 2022, GSA announced an automatic, 30-day extension for any registration whose expiration date falls between April 29, 2022 – April 28, 2023. While no action is required, entity administrators should be on the lookout for an email from with the subject line “30-Day Extension Granted for [Entity Name/Unique Entity ID/CAGE]” to confirm. If you did not receive this email or have any issues, please reach out to the Federal Service Desk (FSD).


Website Updates

On April 26, 2022, GSA launched Buy.GSA.Gov, a buyer experience tool where the federal acquisition community can find the information it needs to make smarter purchases. Crafted with guidance from agencies, vendors, and GSA personnel, Buy.GSA.Gov features the best GSA market research tools (find information on MRAS here and here); documents, templates, and pricing resources; and an interactive checklist with self-help modules.

On the industry side, contractors can find helpful resources and tools to conduct market research themselves like Calc.GSA.Gov, where contractors can compare their rates to those on Schedule. Be mindful that this new layout is still under construction. In fact, GSA is currently seeking feedback. If you’d like to offer recommendations (we have already 😉) to make the site more efficient and/or user-friendly, you can reach out to GSA personnel at


MAS Schedule Economic Price Adjustment (EPA) Updates

On March 17, 2022, GSA implemented a memorandum for Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) heads of contracting activity, establishing a temporary flexibility on price increase limitations for MAS Schedule offerings. In AL MV-22-02, GSA’s Senior Procurement Executive, Jeffrey A. Koses and Assistant Commissioner, Mark J, Lee, acknowledged inflation as the cause for concern.

Further explaining, Koses and Lee noted increased pricing modification requests from contractors, as well as an influx of items being removed from Schedule to prevent selling goods and services at a loss. In an effort to keep acquisition of goods and services accessible to government and cost-effective for vendors, the memorandum:

  • “Lowers the approval for price increases above the EPA clause ceiling in 552.216-70, from the contracting director to one level above the contracting officer;
  • Relaxes time limitations on EPA increases;
  • Relaxes limitations on the number of EPA increases a contractor may request; and
  • Clarifies that if a contractor has removed an item from their Schedule contract, GSA will not enforce the limitation on adding the same item back at a higher price.”

Please note that this moratorium does not apply to all contractors. This EPA flexibility only pertains to MAS contracts with the following clauses:

  • “GSAR 552.216-70, Economic Price Adjustment—FSS Multiple Award Schedule Contracts; Alternate I; and Deviation II;
  • I-FSS-969, Economic Price Adjustment—FSS Multiple Award Schedule; and Alternate II; and
  • GSAR 552.216-71, Economic Price Adjustment—Special Order Program Contracts; Alternate I; and Alternate II.”

Contracting Officer’s (COs) are still responsible for processing EPA requests and determining prices to be fair and reasonable. However, for contracts with AL MV-22-02-applicable clauses, EPA increases that exceed the ceiling established by the solicitation requires approval from one level above the CO.

If no extension occurs, this memorandum will remain in effect until September 30, 2022. Any questions can be directed to


MAS Schedule Updates are Coming

Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Refresh #12 is scheduled to release on May 16, 2022. In the new solicitation, contractors can expect the following updates below.

  • SCP-FF-001 Updates:
    • GSA will update j(1)(v) and (j)(1)(A) to extend Startup Springboard options from Information Technology (IT) Large Category only to all MAS Large Categories, the biggest change to the program since its implementation in 2016. This change will also provide a unique opportunity for Joint-Ventures (JVs) to obtain a MAS Schedule.


  • Large Category Updates
    • For Facilities Large Category, SIN 561210FS (Facilities Support Services) was deemed duplicative in scope to SIN 561210FAC (Facilities Maintenance and Management). To correct this redundancy, GSA will add the following note to the SIN: “SIN 561210FS is scheduled to be closed to all new offers and Add SIN Modifications on 6/1/2022 and retired on 6/30/2022.” Impacted contractors will receive communications from GSA to move items to SIN 561210FAC and delete all mentions of SIN 561210FS.


  • For Information Technology Large Category, GSA is adding SIN 518210FM (Financial Management Quality Services (FM QSMO)), establishing a marketplace of commercially available FM solutions to support agency requirements. This addition is a joint effort between GSA and the Department of the Treasury/Bureau of the Fiscal Service/Financial Management Quality Service Management Office (FM QSMO). FM QSMO will conduct the technical evaluation for all offerors submitting under this SIN.
    • SIN 518210FM consist of 4 subgroups:
      1. “Core Financial Management Solutions (Core FS) – partially pre-configured commercial financial management software suites offered in a cloud environment. Core FS offerings that are determined acceptable to meet or exceed Core FS functionality scope and Financial Management Capability Framework (FMCF) standards and that can accommodate agency-specific business needs. Items within scope of this subgroup: cloud computing services.
      2. Additional Financial Management (FM) Solutions – business capabilities that augment those provided by the Core FS Baseline Solution and have a direct correlation to one or more Federal Financial Management (FFM) functions or activities. Includes cost management solutions, reporting tools, business information exchange (BIE) solutions, FM business analytics and intelligence. Items within scope of this subgroup: products and professional services/labor categories
      3. Financial Management (FM) Service/Solution Adoption and Transition Services – services in identifying, selecting, acquiring, migrating to, and using FM QSMO Marketplace offerings effectively and efficiently. These services may also be needed when extensive or complex FM solution/service changes are released, or significant functionality is removed. Includes strategy and planning, FM data conversion and migration, IV&V, readiness assessments, integration support, project management, and FM solution/service testing. Items within scope of this subgroup: products and professional services/labor categories
      4. Financial Management (FM) Technology Operations Support Services – support and assist with technology implementation and operations. Includes FM technology development, testing, implementation, operations, and maintenance support, information exchanges between FM solutions and services and agency mission systems, service desk, related ancillary training, and support for legacy core financial systems. Items within scope of this subgroup: products, training, and professional services/labor categories.”


  • GSA plans to retire SIN 54151CDM (Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation (CDM) Tools). GSA will officially transition contractors to a new logo initiative that will feature CDM-approved hardware and software products, tools, and associated services. GSA will reach out to impacted contractors and provide training for this transition.


In a recent webinar, GSA personnel mentioned that MAS Refresh #13 would soon follow Refresh #12. No other information is known, but we will follow closely. For more coverage in the future, be on the lookout for blogs on our site.