New Year: New GSA MAS Refresh

By Global Services on December 23, 2022

Changes are coming to General Services Administration’s (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Solicitation #47QSMD20R0001! On December 20, 2022, GSA posted an Advanced Notice on Interact to announce their plans to release MAS Refresh #15 and its correlating Mass Modification in January 2023.

According to the notice, Refresh #15 will make updates to SCP-FSS-001 (Instructions Applicable to All Offerors), Small Business Size Standards, Offer and Modification Price Proposal Templates (PPTs), and clauses and provisions through Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2022-08 and GSA Regulation (GSAR) Change 158.

Our team has outlined the Significant Changes below:


Updates to SCP-FSS-001

  • SCP-FSS-001 will include:

    • Updates to section (j)(3)(viii) to address remarketed items: “Applicable to both product and service offers. Remanufactured items are only allowable under specific MAS Special Item Numbers (SINs) and are designated as such by their SIN description. The remanufactured items must be identified per GSAR clause 552.238-78, Identification of Products that have Environmental Attributes and meet the prescribed definition of ‘factory rebuilt to original specifications.’

Note: Refurbished, reconditioned, remarketed, repaired items are not within scope of the MAS Solicitation. Any items that meet the act of facilitating the transfer of a previously owned device from one party to another by sale, donation, gift, or lease are not within scope of the MAS Solicitation.”

Updates to Incorporate New Small Business Administration (SBA) Guidance


In order to comply with Final Rules released in 2022, Refresh #15 will adjust North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) for multiple SINs on Schedule to match the following:

  • SBA’s new table of size standards (Effective October 1, 2022) to reflect the U.S. Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) NAICS revision for 2022.
  • SBA’s new table of size standards (Effective December 19, 2022) to adjust monetary-based industry size standards for inflation that occurred since 2014.

Updates to the PPTs

With a new refresh, comes new updates to submission templates. Refresh #15 template adjustments will focus on clarifying requirements and supporting contractor data input.

  • Offer and Modification Services and Training Price Proposal Templates:
    • “‘Description Type’ column was added to define the description type for each proposed labor category.
    • ‘High School Equivalent’ and ‘Other Technical School/Certification’ were added as options to the Minimum Education column.
    • ‘Identify High School Equivalent and/or Required Certifications or Licenses’ column was added back in to account for the newly added Minimum Education options.”
  • Offer and Modification Products Price Proposal Templates:
    • Clarified that a detailed product description is required under the ‘Product Description’ column.

Updates to Specific Large Category, Subcategory, or SIN


GSA plans to revise SIN descriptions, remove obsolete notes, and provide new attachments across Large Categories.


1.  Office Management (A):


  • SIN 541611LIT – Litigation Support Services’ description will include stand-alone products.
  • SIN 561990 – Document Destruction Services description will omit the following instructions:
    • “NOTE: CHART – LABOR RATES Labor Category, Government Discount, Commercial Rate Hourly/Daily On/site, Commercial Rate Hourly/Daily Off/site, Government Rate Hourly/Daily On/site, Government Rate Hourly/Daily Off/site IF THE OFFEROR’S COMMERCIAL PRACTICE IS TO PRICE THESE SERVICES ON A UNIT/QUANTITY BASIS, USE THE FOLLOWING FORMAT: Description, Government Unit/Quantity, Government Price, Commercial Unit/Quantity, Commercial Price, Government Discount %.
    • SCOPE OF WORK: The objective of this Performance Work Statement (PWS) is to describe the Government’s requirement in soliciting contractor support for Destruction Services (DS).”
  • OS4 SINs 339940OS4 – Office Products and Supplies and 339940OVER – Overseas Office Products and Supplies category-specific attachment will replace Clause 552.232-79, Payment by Credit Card with Clause 232-36, Payment by Third Party.

2.  Facilities (B):

  • SIN 561210FAC – Facilities Maintenance and Management will include:
    • “Updated sentence under Complete Facilities Maintenance SIN note to: Two Relevant Project Experience examples are required for Complete Facilities Maintenance to include a complete Statement of Work (SOW) for each project/task proposed.
    • Updated sentence under Special Proposal Instructions related to Fire Alarm System Preventative Maintenance and Repair Services and Water Suppression Services to: Lastly, the Offeror must submit a minimum of Three Relevant Project Experience examples with three corresponding statements of work (SOWs) for work completed within the last two years of the date of offer submission, which are germane to the scope of work of these services.”
  • SIN 811310MR’s title will change from ‘Machine and Equipment Maintenance Repair’ to ‘Machine and Equipment Sales, Maintenance and Repair,’ and the description will include the sale of commercial/industrial machinery and equipment.

3.  Furniture (C):

  • Packaged Office Subcategory will remove:
    • Subcategory note on Contractor Team Arrangements (CTAs) required within 180 days of MAS Refresh #10.

4.  Information Technology (F):


  • SIN 811212 – Maintenance of Equipment, Repair Services and/or Repair Spare Parts will include these SIN-specific instructions:
    • “Hardware maintenance and/or service repair shall be authorized by the
    • All parts furnished in connection with the repair and/or maintenance of equipment shall be parts authorized by the OEM.”


  • SIN 54151HACS – Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS) will include the following:
    • ‘Zero trust architecture’ to the SIN description and SIN
    • Category-specific attachments like Frequently Asked Questions for GSA Customers, Frequently Asked Questions for GSA Offerors, and What to expect in a SIN 54151HACS Oral Technical


  • SIN 518210FM – Financial Management Quality Service Management Office (FM QSMO) Core Financial Management Solutions and IT Professional Services will reflect the following changes:
    • Removed FedRAMP Ready minimum requirement of the Core FS
    • Updated Category Specific Templates like SIN 518210FM QSMO Technical Evaluation Form (Technical Narrative Response Template); SIN 518210FM Core FS Pre-Built BIE Response Template; and SIN 518210FM Core FS OCD Execution


  • SIN 518210C – Cloud Computing and Cloud Related IT Professional Services will include the following instructions to SIN Level Regulations 238-81 and 552.238-199:
    • “This clause is prescribed and contained within Acquisition Letter MV-21-06, Supplement 1.”


5.  Professional Services (H):


  • SIN 562910RMI – Environmental Remediation Services’ SIN note will include:
    • “The scope of this SIN is limited to services associated with NAICS 562910 Exception 1 “Environmental Remediation Services.” This NAICS exception has a size standard of 750 Employees.”


  • SIN 541330EMI – Engineering Services Related to Military, Aerospace Equipment, Military Weapons, National Energy Policy Act of 1992, Marine Engineering or Naval Architecture’s SIN note will include:
    • “The scope of this SIN is limited to services associated with NAICS 541330. Exception 1 ‘Military and Aerospace Equipment and Military Weapons,’ NAICS Exception 2 ‘Contracts and Subcontracts for Engineering Services Awarded Under the National Energy Policy Act of 1992’ and NAICS 541330. Exception 3 ‘Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture.’ These NAICS exceptions have a size standard of $47.0 Million.”


  • SIN 541715AIR – Engineering Research and Development for Aircraft, Aircraft Engines and Engine Parts’ SIN note will include:
    • “The scope of this SIN is further limited to services associated with NAICS Exception 1 ‘Aircraft, Aircraft Engine and Engine Parts.’ This NAICS exception has a size standard of 1,500 Employees.”


  • SIN 541715APM – Engineering Research and Development for: Other Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment, Guided Missiles and Space Vehicles, Their Propulsion Units and Propulsion Parts’ SIN note will include:
    • “The scope of this SIN is further limited to services associated with NAICS 541715. Exception 2 ‘Other Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment’ and NAICS. Exception 3 ‘Guided Missiles and Space Vehicles, Their Propulsion Units and Propulsion Parts.’ These NAICS exceptions have a size standard of 1,250 Employees.”


  • SIN 541810ODC – Other Direct Costs for Marketing and Public Relations Services will include a new instruction:
    • “ODCs that the company is providing using its own staff or equipment, rather than staff/equipment provided by a third party, are not appropriate for this SIN and will not be awarded.”


6.  Security (J):


  • SINs 334519 – Bomb and Hazardous Material Disposal; Metal and Bomb Detection, 336992 – Non-Tactical Armored Vehicles and Vehicle Armstrong Services, 332999 – Law Enforcement Personal Equipment, & 332216 – Law Enforcement, Firefighting and Rescue Tools, Equipment and Accessories’ SIN note will include:
    • “The following items are excluded from the Cooperative Purchasing Program, pursuant to EO 14074:
      • Firearm silencers/suppressors
      • Bayonets
      • Grenades (including stun and flashbang)
      • Grenade launchers
      • Explosives (except those for accredited bomb squads and explosive detection canine training)
      • Vehicles that do not have a commercial application, including all tracked and armored vehicles, unless the LEA certifies that the vehicle will be used exclusively for disaster-related emergencies; active shooter training scenarios; hostage or other search and rescue operations; or anti-terrorism preparedness, protection, response, recovery, or relief.”


Industry comments regarding these changes must be submitted in the Comments section of the Interact Advanced Notice by December 30, 2022. We anticipate the release of Refresh #15 and its Mass Modification in mid-January 2023.


For more information, contractors are advised to join GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) webinar on January 4, 2023 from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST.


Do you need assistance maintaining GSA Schedule compliance? Reach out to our MAS experts at Global Services today!